Traveling With Man’s Best Friend

I saw a saying once that read: “If my dog isn’t happy, neither am I.” I didn’t know how true that statement was until we started taking our dog Bentley with us on our adventures. When we first got Bentley we knew nothing about how to travel with a pet or what pet-friendly hotels would be like. We started learning quickly that it can be disastrous without proper planning… think muddy paws + energetic dog + carpet… but it definitely has its perks if you have the right accessories!

Here are some tips we have found useful when traveling with our guy, Bentley:

1) Make sure your pet has correct identification. Information should include your pet’s name, your name, phone number (or two), and if you can, your address.

2) Invest in a high quality harness. We have two EzyDog harnesses and really like that they are, in fact, easy to put on (it slips over your dogs head and clips around the belly, rather than having to wrestle with your pup’s legs). However, Bentley is an escape artist and even has been able to get out of this one from time to time when he is in the car… he really hates it when we buckle him in because he can’t stick his head outside.

After I took this photo Bentley managed to pull his body backwards in his harness and get out! Even when your pet has a “secure” harness it’s best to keep a watchful eye on your pet.

3) Never question the power of a good grooming wipe. Like all dogs do, Bentley loves to roll, prance, and play in just about anything that’s dirty. Grooming wipes have been amazing for a quick and easy clean up after running through dirt and mud. We usually pick up one that is hypoallergenic or smells nice like this one.

4) A back seat hammock was a must for us. In order to keep your vehicle clean, dog hair from finding its way into every inch of your vehicle, or to just simply keep your leather/cloth seats scratch free, this useful hammock will be a perfect addition to your pet travel checklist. Not to mention, Bentley loves lounging on it like a king! We found an easy to clean one at TJ Maxx but this one is similar.


5) Collapsable travel bowls or convertible containers will save you space. Remember your pet needs to stay hydrated too! You can purchase them here and here.


7) Keep your pet safe by properly securing them while traveling in a vehicle. We’ll be honest, we don’t use our safety restraint for every car trip nearby, but we do use it when traveling long distances in order to keep Ben safe in emergency situations. This is the one we have been using but have also heard really great reviews about this brand of travel harness/restraint combination.


8) For dogs small enough for air travel, make sure your pet is comfortable in their carrier and that it’s approved for air travel! Bentley is over the weight limit for air travel but we did find two carriers that have good reviews here and here
Travel tip: all airlines require proof of vaccinations and and health certifications. Make copies of these before you leave!

9) A collapsable crate would be a worthy investment for those who are always on the go. This crate easily folds down and fits in our trunk with all of our luggage. You could even go a step further by purchasing a crate mat that could double as a travel bed.

10) You may need to purchase a remedy to help your dog feel more calm. Bentley is pretty used to us being on the go so we don’t have much experience in this category but he does have horrible separation anxiety when we go somewhere without him. Here are a few options you could look into if your dog is struggling to survive your trip.
Anti Anxiety Jacket
-Calming Treats: we have tried a variety of treats that have lavender in them.

Most importantly, before leaving for any vacation or trip, make sure your pet’s vaccinations, identification, and records are up to date and that you have a copy with you.


Are there any other suggestions you would add in order to make traveling with your pet more comfortable and easy?

Logan & Kallsy
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  1. Fun to hear about ways you’ve found to bring your dog pal along with you. We have never traveled with a pet. But if we try to do that, this has really helpful advice.


    • Sarah, thanks so much! We hope that if you ever do this will be useful for you. Ben loves taking long car rides, camping trips, and hikes with us but we often let his grandparents babysit when we are overseas! 😉


  2. Not a dog lover. Would never travel with a pet. However, I loved the post and smiled at the pictures of your lovely dog. Nice post and very useful advice 🙂


  3. Love your post on traveling with pets. Very informative and eye-opening. I shall take some of your advice.


  4. 2travellingsisters October 12, 2016 — 11:39 AM

    Very essential and thoughtful tips to all the people who plan to travel with their pets. Loved how your dog modeled for your post haha, seems like a expert in posing ;). Thanks for the share.


  5. Oh how I would love to travel with our lab Jay. She’s such a good girl and is so well behaved. But it is such an epic event to take her overseas. First the cost – $15k AUD to get her to Europe (where we spend a lot of our time) and quarantine rules on the way home require her to be isolated for up to 30 days with no visitation from us. I just can’t do it. 😦 Very envious of you being able to travel like this. Good on you.


    • Kerri, I can’t imagine that fiasco that was for Jay and for you! We haven’t ever tried to take Bentley overseas and it’s for reason such as those you said. He is much happier with our parents as he is very spoiled! We are quite lucky to be able to take him on many of our U.S. trips and camping trips though. It isn’t always easy, but he greatly enjoys being outdoors with us. I hope you are able to take Jay with you on trips within Australia in the future!


  6. Awwwe! Another dog liver here but I havent brought my dog on my travel escapades for the main reason that it may not be convinient for my pet and mine too. Thanks for giving a list of the things that we need to secure before bringing a pet with us. I totally agree with the first list, identification is a must!


  7. i dont have pets but i can imagine it’d be difficult traveling with them! especially on flights and long distances. great post – loved your tips



  8. Your photos are sooooo adorable! If you’re ever looking for a petsitter… 😉


  9. Love this post! We love traveling with our dog and he loves coming along! The car hammock is such a great idea!


    • It’s so fun to take them on trips to allow them to have new experiences too! We can always tell that it makes Ben so happy when we jump in the car.

      We couldn’t survive without the car hammock, definitely look into it… the hair, accidental scratching, dirt… we learned the hard way without it at first! 😉


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