Johnson Shut-Ins State Park

Johnson Shut-Ins State Park

In Southeast Missouri are many amazing state parks that are enough for every adventure enthusiast to fall for. We recently visited the Johnson Shut-In’s and were immediately in love with the natural beauty that surrounded us.


As many of you can tell, we enjoy hiking and opted to trek on the Shut-Ins Trail because it was of moderate difficulty and gave us easy access to the Shut-Ins. About halfway through the hike you will come along a beautiful waterfall that you can stop and rest at before you continue on. We really enjoyed the rustic and rugged aspects of this trail along with water features that kept us searching for the next view.

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 8.57.45 PM

While we mainly went for the sights and hiking there are many other activities at the Johnson Shut-In’s State Park for any adventure you might be looking for! 

Logan & Kallsy
Pages of Travel

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