The Best Shoes For Any Kind of Travel

Selecting the right kind of shoes to pack is one of the most important parts of preparing for any trip. The key item to remember is comfort, as most times you’ll be doing A LOT of walking regardless of where your destination might be. Having uncomfortable shoes will really put a damper on your trip. We’ve made a list of the shoes that have been reliable allies during our trips and hope they can provide you comfort too.

Women’s Shoes

Walking/Hiking: I recently purchased the Merrell Capra Bolt hiking shoes ($110) and I have really enjoyed breaking them in on our latest hikes. Not only are they comfortable they have extremely good support and structure that will keep you moving when walking or hiking long distances.


Casual Boots: I’m definitely a consumer of Lucky Brand shoes for their fashionable taste, quality, and decent comfort. I was pleasantly shocked at how much I fell in love with these Lucky Brand Booties ($65+). In fact, I loved them so much I bought two pairs in different styles.

FullSizeRender 2_HDR.jpg
Casual Sneakers: Everyone loves the classic look of Keds ($20-$40)! But I also love them because they’re comfortable, easily slip on and break in quickly.

Athletic Sneakers:
If I am bringing my hiking shoes I typically skip bringing any athletic sneakers, but my athletic running shoe of choice is my Nike Free tennis shoes ($105). They’re washable, breathable, and work well with my Superfeet insoles.

Flats: I have yet to find the perfect pair of flats that allow all day comfort but I do know that Tieks are widely popular among many. The downfall? A whopping price of $175+. Currently I have a pair of Sperry flats that are comfortable to wear to work, but I start to feel fatigued after a few hours and certainly wouldn’t be my top choice of shoe for walking long distances due to a lack of heel/arch support. Typically I save these for a night out or dinner when traveling.

Sperry Annabelle Suede Glitter Cap Toe

Sandals: For a casual sandal that can be dressed up with every day outfits, I have really fallen in love with Korks (similar $50). 


For a more durable casual sandal these Merrells (similar $85) or my Teva sandals (similar $69.95) are my go to. Bonus? The Tevas are also waterproof.

From left to right: Teva Zirra, Merrell Nunbuck Leather Braided Strap

My favorite pair of flip flop style sandals are my new Superfeet OUTSIDE Sandals ($59.95). You know that annoying “any second now I’m going to have a blister” feeling when you’re wearing a cheap pair of flip flops? You’ll never feel that again if you purchase a pair of these! The OUTSIDE sandals are hands down the best pair of flip flops I’ve ever worn. They’re comfortable and supportive which are my two biggest qualifications when looking for shoes.


Dress: While I usually don’t pack high heels during international travel, sometimes you need to pack one pair of dress shoes for special occasions. Typically I opt for wedges because they are more comfortable to wear for a longer amount of time and they can be dressed up or dressed down.


Men’s Shoes

Walking/Hiking: The Merrell All Out Crush ($90) have been terrific on our latest hikes. They have an amazing grip that moves with your feet so you shouldn’t have to worry about twisting your ankle when trekking.


Athletic Sneakers: While I don’t think my Nike Free Running Shoes ($100) are terrific for walking or running long distances, they are great for shorter distances because they are comfortable and lightweight which is also great for packing purposes.


Sandals: My Teva Sandals ($37.50-$50) are honestly one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. They’re waterproof, durable, and provide just enough support and grip when walking long distances. 

FullSizeRender 2

I recently got these Superfeet OUTSIDE Sandals ($59.95) and love the quality, support, and comfort they provide me. They are perfect for the beach, pool, hot summer days, or after a long hike or run.

FullSizeRender 5.jpg

Dress: I have always been a fan of Sperry’s shoes and these Sperry Loafers ($65-$100) prove me right once again. These are comfortable enough to wear for quite a few hours and can be worn with dress slacks, jeans, or shorts.


Other Tips for Lasting Comfort

-Quality Socks: Until recently we always bought socks in bulk to cut the cost. We didn’t know what we were missing until we each bought a pair of Thorlo socks ($15+) and have noticed a dramatic difference. A pair of quality socks can help provide support, compression, and can help avoid painful blisters.
-Supportive Insoles: Adding insoles not only help with arch support, but heel support as well. We recommend Superfeet insoles ($29.95-$69.95) for stability, support, and all day comfort.
-Break In Your Shoes: It seems like common sense, but make sure you wear your shoes frequently before you travel in order to make sure they will give you comfort while walking during your trips!

Now, what are some of your most comfortable shoes to wear while traveling?

Logan & Kallsy
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  1. Great fashionable tips for shoes. Always the headache because I want to pack so many. I am a huge hiker/trail runner when I’m traveling so I personally skip hiking shoes and use trail runners. My current pick is the Salomon SpeedCross 3 for women and they kicked butt in Patagonia and Montenegro. I also love packing my wedges like you, they are so versatile for casual-but-nice days to a little more dressy!


    • Susan, I have that same problem. I typically bring 3 pairs now! I haven’t tried Salomon brand shoes yet but have heard terrific things about them.

      Glad there is a fellow wedges lover! Although they can be a pain to pack they are perfect for dressing up. 🙂


  2. Great list thanks for sharing your picks … I agree that selecting the right kind of shoes to pack is one of the most important parts of preparing for any trip. Many times I’ve gone with the wrong choice of footwear in the past and lived to regret it at a later date!


  3. I always have a challenge with shoes and boots for walking as my feet are very wide. For me, anything made of leather usually works best because it will stretch…


  4. Great tips, good shoes are important! I recently went on a trip to Slovenia and my sneakers broke within 3 days so I have learnt my lesson to buy good quality sneakers now!


  5. A great list! It always depends on where I’m going but a cozy sneaker, a pair of sandals and wedges are normally my go to. Although my next trip is to Nashville so I’ll probably just wear my boots the whole time!


  6. Happy feet brings happiness to your body. They are extremely important part of a trip and a lot of people don’t realize how important they are. A trip or a hike can only be enjoyed if your feet are at ease.


  7. Oh I will SO check out those boots! All of these options are great, thanks for sharing. Happy travels 🙂


  8. Cool post. Interesting to see what everyone else is wearing. 😉 I like those Lucky Brand booties, cute!


  9. Lauren Meshkin @BonVoyageLauren September 26, 2016 — 5:14 PM

    I would honestly wear any of these. Can you be my personal shoe stylist?! 😉 I’m loving the boots and casual sneakers though. Thanks for sharing!


  10. I am a huge fan of my Chaco sandals. I got the yampa single strap and love that they are water suitable, but can be worn with socks for light hiking.


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