10 Unique Things To Do While Visiting Denver

As in any city there are many remarkable things to do in Denver, Colorado. Whether you are only spending a short time in Denver or if you are just looking for something to do for a few hours during your visit, these 10 things will definitely rock your world!

1. Revisit your childhood at The 1up Arcade Bar where you can play some good old fashioned skee-ball for 25¢ and other classic arcade games.

Location: 717 E. Colfax Avenue

Screen Shot 2016-08-22 at 9.30.14 PMPHOTO CREDIT: The 1up Arcade Bar

2. Get wacky at Voodoo Donut. Where else can you get a donut the size of a hub cap or an edible Voodoo Doll?

Location: 1520 East Colfax
Hours: 24/7!


3. Find your zen or rock on at Red Rocks Amphitheatre where you can practice yoga, run, view, or attend an evening concert.

Location: 18300 W Alameda Pkwy, Morrison
Hours: Opens one hour before sunrise and closes at 2pm on event days


4. Relax and unwind with a new read at Tattered Cover Bookstore.

Location: 2526 E Colfax Ave
Hours: Sunday: 10am-6pm, Monday-Saturday: 9am-9pm


If you’re really into books, you can also check out any of these awesome Denver bookstores as well.

5. Enjoy the charming twinkly lights at Larimer Square; a unique shopping and dining area near the 16th Street Mall.

Location: Starts on the corner of 14th & Larimer
Hours: Vary depending on the store/restaurant


6. Support homeless youth by grabbing a cup of joe at Purple Door Coffee.

Location: 2962 Welton Street
Hours: Sunday: Closed, Monday-Friday: 6:30am-5:30pm, Saturdays: 7:30am-2:30pm

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-5-51-52-pmPHOTO CREDIT: In The Coffee Shop

7. Party like it’s 1933 and grab a mixed drink at  Williams & Graham Speakeasy

Location: 3160 Tejon St.
Hours: Sunday-Saturday: 5pm-1am


8. Discover a new treat like this Pop-tart Ice Cream Sandwich at Ice Cream Riot.

Location: 1238 E Colfax Ave
Hours: Sunday: 1pm-10pm, Monday: 4pm-10pm, Tuesday-Thursday: 2pm-10pm, Friday-Saturday: 1pm-11pm


9. Get your brunch on at Snooze where you can have a pancake flight and eggs benny any way you’d like.

Location: 2262 Larimer St.
Hours: Sunday-Saturday: 6:30am-2:30pm


10. And last, explore blocks upon blocks of epic street art.

Location: East Colfax


What are some of your favorite city activities?






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  1. Love Denver, spent a very enjoyable week there last year. Made me want to go back. 🙂


  2. Sarah @ Expat of the World October 29, 2016 — 11:18 AM

    Nice post, lots of places to eat and drink no doubt! I especially like the look of that outdoor concert. I have family living nearby so I can’t wait to visit at some point.


    • Sarah, what a great opportunity! Hopefully you can at least crash on the couch and then go enjoy many of the budget-friendly or free things to do in the area! There are tons of amazing local restaurants here that we haven’t even had to chance to write about yet. 🙂


  3. Voodoo donut and pop tart ice cream sandwich sounds interesting and looks delicious, that will defnitely top my list when I visit Denver :). Loved the Amphitheatre setup, with view like that yoga practice will be a session to remember. Lovely write up and all the things you mentioned sounds unique and so much fun.


  4. There is so much on this list that I would love to do! I didn’t know they had a Voodoo Donuts in Denver. Also, that Poptart ice cream sandwich looks like a good time. I looked up the Purple Door Cafe too, and it sounds like an incredible environment. Their website says “we truly believe that every person, no matter their station in life, has unsurpassable worth and value and deserves to be treated like royalty” and I think that would be an amazing business to visit and support! Thanks for telling us about it!


    • Brianna, I’m glad you were just as intrigued by Purple Door Coffee as we were! It’s a really cool place. Head there for a nice cup of joe and then grab some sweets at Voodoo and Ice Cream Riot, it’s quite the sugar rush but very much worth it! Hope you are able to visit and enjoy. 🙂


  5. Sign me up for early morning yoga at the red rock amphitheater, that pancake flight, and a visit to the 1up Arcade for some old time games. Now that sounds like a fun day in Denver.


  6. I grew up in Denver. Voodoo donuts is after my time but I totally remember Tattered Cover Bookstore and I have been to many concerts at Red Rocks.


    • That’s awesome! I take it Denver has changed a bit since you’ve lived there? I recently went back to my hometown and even though I’m there visiting family a few times a year it never ceases to amaze me how much things can change, even in a short period of time! Wish we had gone to a concert at Red Rocks during this trip, next time perhaps. 🙂


  7. Denver is so pretty! I would love to visit someday


  8. Bookmarking this for my trip to Denver next year! Those poptart ice cream sandwiches look amazing!


  9. Voodoo Doll donuts? I’m sold! Haha! 😉 The view at Red Rock amphitheater looks amazing, by the way! I can only imagine how it looks like at sunrise and sunset!


  10. Looks and sounds amazing! We would love to check out the donut place and the street art. I love how more and more cities are adding street art it adds such a cool vibe ! OK really we would enjoy everywhere you mentioned! Definitely bookmarking this page for when we get to Denver!


  11. Great list! We loved Denver while there last year – my favorite was visiting Red Rocks Amphitheatre – very unique!


  12. Looks like a full day of fun filled with lots of sugar, that donut looks absolutely delicious! Hope to get to visit this city someday!


  13. The lights at Larimer Square look extremely mesmerizing. And that Pop-tart Ice Cream Sandwich is so tempting. Makes me want to come to Denver.


  14. You had me at arcade and pop tart ice cream sandwich…whaaaa great tips, can’t wait to visit.


  15. I didn’t know the Portland-based Voodoo Donuts had also made it to Denver! Red Rocks looks gorgeous too, and I’ve been wanting to go there for a while. I’ll probably be heading to Denver next year to visit my friends, so I’ll keep your suggestions in mind if I do!


    • Thanks Erika! We were just as surprised to you to see a Voodoo Donuts in Denver as we had only ever heard about it in Portland. I’m sure your friends that live locally will also have some amazing suggestions but let us know if you check any of these out! 🙂


  16. Great list you have here!! Donuts, Ice cream and pancakes, I’m sold here! I will include Denver on my upcoming visit to the US.


  17. Love your local suggestions! Love street art too.


  18. I live in Denver and your list is perfect!! 🙂


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