GoPro Accessories that will Rock Your World

We love our GoPro cameras, I mean really, really love them! We enjoy the compact size, quality of the photos, and the ability to use them in so many different ways. But after buying our Hero 3 three years ago we realized that it wouldn’t be complete without some awesome accessories. When we first started looking at different accessories we were overwhelmed by the options but after time we realized which ones were necessary and which ones were useful to have for specific shots. Fortunately for us, most of the accessories we own can also be used with our new Hero 4 Silver and can also be used with the new Hero 5.

Accessories We Can’t Go Without


Memory Card: Duh right? However, we typically say the more memory the better, we wouldn’t go any less than 64GB.
Cost: $20 for 64GB or $40 for 128GB


It was a crying shame when we ran out of space on our micro SD while filming at Great Sand Dunes National Park. Good thing we had a backup!


Extra Batteries: Nothing is worse than running out of battery life when filming or taking photographs. We have 3-4 batteries for each camera on us at all times.
Cost: $17/each


Long days and longer trips call for more batteries so you can keep shooting!

10Dual Battery Charger: Charge your GoPro batteries on the go or at your location. I love this accessory because it has a micro-USB port that allows you to use a variety of power sources. Bonus? It comes with one extra battery.
Cost: $50


Behind the scenes, charging a few batteries in Kallsy’s backpack with our Lumsing battery pack.

8LCD Touch BacPac (for Hero3 or Hero3+): We bought this for our Hero 3 before we bought our Hero4 and it’s been amazing. You’re able to control the camera through the Touch BacPac and see your shots through the screen. However this is an accessory for the Hero3 or Hero3+ only. Our Hero4 Silver actually has one built in.
Cost: $80

Processed with Snapseed.

Having an LCD Screen allows you to view what you’re taking a photo of.

7Go Pole: While it is quite useful in capturing the perfect selfie, a go pole is fantastic for a variety of activities. Waterproof and buoyant, they are perfect for water activities like snorkeling and ease any worry of your camera sinking to Davy Jones locker.
Cost: $37


Selfie game strong on the Ferris Wheel

6Gooseneck + Flex Clamp: This is by far one of our most used accessories. We the Gooseneck as a handheld pole, clip it on our suction cup for video footage outside of our vehicles, and so much more. The Flex Camp is awesome for mounting purposes.
Cost: $50


Shot with our Gooseneck + Flex Clamp

5Head Strap + QuickClip: We don’t use this one as often as we should but it’s great for video footage and photos on an eye level perspective. Head strap is perfect for activities that require your hands being free (e.g. climbing, kayaking, etc.)
Cost: $15


Hanging off a ledge with the head strap.

4Suction Cup: Another beloved accessory. We use this one to attach our GoPro to our vehicles, boat, jetski, and more. Can travel safely up to 150+ MPH and doesn’t damage the surface that you attach it to.
Cost: $32


Shot with GoPro Suction Cup

3Smart Remote: Allows you to fully gain control of all camera functions as well as acting as a long-range remote control for distances up to 600′ in optimal conditions. Another nice quality? You can control multiple cameras at once! Wear it on your wrist or mount it on a Go Pole.
Cost: $80


Shot with Smart Remote

2Floaty Backdoor: Great for the beach, pool, kayaking, snorkeling, wakeboarding, or other deep-water activities when you want to utilize multiple attachments.
Cost: $20


Whenever we’re near a body of water we always use the floaty backdoor.

1Camera Case: We really like our Smatree camera case because it has room for two GoPro cameras, batteries, memory cards, and many accessories. It also slips easily into my backpack.
Cost: $25

We realize that this is a laundry list of items that can get really expensive fast! We by no means bought these items all at once; rather we did so over time.

What are some GoPro accessories you can’t live without?






The BEST GoPro Accessories EVER!.png



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  1. That is a nice collection you got there. The pics do look really amazing.


  2. The dual battery charger is such an essential in my book. My gf has a GoPro and we always run out of battery early on in the day but with a dual battery charger you can even charge both batteries on the go with a portable USB battery!


  3. I don’t actually have a GoPro but I’m thinking about buying one as a Christmas present from me to myself 🙂 this post will definitely come in handy when I finally get around to buying one! Your photos are lovely, by the way.


    • Thank you very much! As you can tell, we absolutely love it. We have so many more photos we didn’t share but it’s a definitely a fun camera and takes some unique shots. 🙂 I hope you do end up getting one for yourself! You deserve it.


  4. Most devastating moment this year: losing on of my GoPro batteries!!! It always pays to have extra and I’m definitely asking for one this holiday season. Great list and definitely a lot of things here that I have or plan on getting 🙂


  5. Great pointers ,Your tips and suggestions will surely come handy for my next Go Pro Buy.


  6. This is a very good list. These would form very nice gifts for those who travel frequently. I myself would love to have some


  7. This is a god collection. Thanks for sharing.


  8. I have not started using GoPro yet, but I plan to purchase some of the accessories you mentioned for my long-term South American trip next year 64 GB memory card and the dual battery charge is definitely the way to go! Thanks for this candid article on the photography and filming accessories.


  9. I love this post about assessories for travel. The other half of Munchkin Treks, my husband Dave, takes care of most of our photography and video equipment. We could certainly use some of the upgrades you mention here, though.


  10. I still dont own a GoPr. I just have an iphone and a cheap action camera but your photos make me wanna invest on it soon! Thankyou for these.


  11. Wow! That’s a lot of stuff to remember to pack! Do you always bring it all, or does it depend on what activities you know you’ll be doing?


  12. So many accessories! We’re planning a road trip through the states & obv need to capture our mugs by each “Welcome to” sign. Was thinking of getting a tripod for a DSLR, but do you think a Go Pro with the proper accessories would be a better bet?


    • One of the nice things about a GoPro is that it’s extremely easy to set up and not to mention, it takes a great selfie without having to feel like you’re a high schooler. However, you could always get a tripod and connect your GoPro to that as well! We often connect our camera and our GoPro to our tripod.


  13. A GoPro is on my list to Santa this year! Looks like I might need too update it! Thanks for the inspiration 🙂


  14. This is very helpful as I am planning to buy a GoPro before the year ends! I am tired of bringing bulky DSLRs every trip, plus I cant go under water! thank you for this!


  15. We’d like to have an Head Strap + QuickClip, sounds very helpful especially for extreme shoots. It’s also really cheap, good 🙂


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