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“Travel is the only thing that makes you richer.” -Unknown


We are a United States couple who have been fortunate enough to travel to some extraordinary places in the time we have spent together. After spending a summer in Australia and Fiji for mission work in 2011 and honeymooning in Jamaica in 2014, we realized that we wanted to have a lifetime filled with experiences and visiting places we had never been. We decided to create our travel blog and use this project to not only share our own story, but the stories of the beautiful places we visit, and the wonderful people we meet. We truly hope that in some way we can inspire you to travel with us and share your experiences as well!



Growing up in rural Southeast Missouri, I have been fortunate to have the Ozark Mountains and the Mississippi Delta right at my doorstep. As a kid, you’d always find my family and I on the lake wakeboarding, fishing on the river, or getting stuck in the mud with our ATVs. Needless to say, I have always loved the outdoors, especially if there’s a body of water near by. Shortly after Kallsy and I started dating we spent part of a summer in Australia for mission work. That’s when the travel bug hit me hard. Coming from a very diverse heritage, I love learning about new cultures and the historical sites of every place we visit. Currently I’m studying to become an optometric physician, and in my third year of O.D. school. Any chance we get we’re on the move discovering what we can from every corner of the earth.


While it’s hard to pinpoint a specific moment when my wanderlust started I feel like my desire for adventure started with my family. For most of my life, my family was always on the move. In each place we lived I always loved exploring these areas from every perspective and discovering the unknown. Later, my love for the hustle and bustle of urban cities came when I spent time in New York City working with an acting and dance program. However, my love for concrete jungles goes hand-in-hand with how much I enjoy spending time where the blacktop ends. More often than not, I prefer nothing more than going camping off the beaten path and gazing at a beautiful starlit sky. When I’m not traveling you can often find me planning what adventure to take on next… or trying to locate the world’s best donut or another new flavor of ice cream!


This is Bentley (or Ben, Bennie, Bean…) our three-year-old adopted son… he doesn’t know that he is, in fact, a dog, so don’t tell him otherwise! We have a lot of people asking what kind of dog he is and to be honest, we aren’t really sure! We were told that he is probably a pug, beagle, and heeler mix. While Bentley does take a lot of our local or U.S. trips with us, he typically stays with his “grand-dog parents” when we are traveling internationally. He doesn’t seem to mind it as he has three other dogs to play with on one side of our family and an extremely affectionate grandpop on the other. He enjoys hiking, running, digging, peanut butter, snuggling on one of his five favorite spots and destroying the squeakers on any toy he can find.

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